The Exact Strategy that worked for us to get our clients website in top #3 positions of google search index for various competitive keywords.

Background :

Packers and movers is ultimately a competitive niche with hundreds of high volume keywords. When we took on the project the website had 108 keywords and 28 pages indexed and ranked in top 100 positions.

The main goal was to establish a steady traffic flow and lead generation from top keywords and add more low competitive and long tail keywords on website to rank faster.


Initial Keyword positions

SEO Strategy :

Below are the SEO strategies we used to obtain the desired results 

1.On-page Optimization and interlinking :

This is one of the major ranking factors as it increases the overall performance of your website without backlinks and any fear of penalisation. 

For on-page SEO we saw that the website has a very low quality content and poor keywords optimization. also the website had a lot of unwanted stylesheets and javascript files affecting the overall page Load speed of the website.

The website also had a poor interlinking structure as many important pages on the website were missing from the homepage or from the menu. also the website did not have any interlinking at that time.

Solution : 

We got our team to work on the content creation and keyword extraction part to cover maximum keywords in the given words limit. also we worked on the menu, Sidebar, Blog section and footer.

For menu we implemented Silo website structure and linked to our top as well as important pages in a SILO Form to highlight main pages on our website also because of the SILO structure google bots can now easily navigate through different posts and pages on the website

In blog section we covered most of the niche related topics with 3 article per week frequency for 4 months and after that just 1 article a week.

2. Media and Guest posting outreach. 

This is one of the important parts if you really wants to have some quality backlinks. Getting links from media outlets such as,, is really important for anyone to get brand exposure and to build authority in Google’s eyes by getting a media coverage.

along with that guest posting played a vital role in getting 12 of our keywords from 3rd to 5th page to the 2nd page.

Solution : 

We reached out to the popular Media distribution networks and asked them to cover our client’s website with do-follow links and mixed them with no-follow links from guest posting and other sources to make it look more natural.

3. Directory Submission, Web 2.0, Comment backlinks, Article and PDF submission, Social Bookmarking.

to diversify the backlinks strategy and to gather backlinks from all sorts of techniques we simply used this free as well as paid websites to promote our content and get backlinks in return.

Even today all the above mentioned backlink building techniques works you just need to play a little tricky while creating such backlinks and be more cautioned while choosing this websites as few bad backlinks can ruin your entire SEO work.

Solution : 

We started creating 1 Web 2.0 per day from authority websites and few comment links to pass equal link juice.once we saw the surge in keywords position we implemented other Backlink strategies too.