How to generate passive income from Blogs?

How to generate passive income from Blogs?


Who doesn’t want traffic on their website? Well, if you did proper keyword research and point some links in the right direction you can rank well and generate organic traffic within a few days.

This case study will help you understand how to generate passive income within 2 months.

Let’s start, before clinging into any things let’s revise the fact “Content is King”. Without any doubt, Content is the damn king in every way in terms of SERP.

First things first, to gain an organic boost in the SERP I did the following things.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content Writing
  3. Relevant Images (alt-text)
  4. On-Page SEO
  5. OFF-Page SEO
  6. Conversion Optimization

Check out these Six totally legitimate ways to make passive income from your blog.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

I was working on an Amazon affiliate keyword – Best Laptop Brands. Taking a look at the things I had i.e. a good old tech blog and a good domain authority. I started doing some research on the keywords and it popped my mind How about we compete some big folks out here. The tool I used for keyword research was Ahref Keyword Explorer.

2. Content Writing

Content Writing

I wrote 3000+ words of content as the niche I was covering was having a lot of products. The standard format I kept for an Amazon Affiliate Article was an Intro at the first, best buy, best products – reviews (I intro on the product and pro/cons accordingly), A basic overview on the product i.e. 5 reasons you should buy xx product.

After generating high-quality content (be specific about each and every product don’t just outsource do a little bit of research in your niche and edit the article accordingly). All I wanted now to check the keyword density and make the content SEO focused. The good part of writing the detailed content is it covers almost all the longtail keywords. You can search for longtail keywords/question-answer keywords from LSIgraph and

3. Relevant Images

When it comes to targeting affiliate keywords out keypoint is people actually read the content and then decide on which product to buy. But WORDS WORDS WRODS so boring adding relevant images to the website is very important. Our basic format for Amazon Affiliate Case Study is an image and a buy now button below it that’s it. We do not recommend to add reviews on the images as it violates the policy of Remember ALT text is the key here you need to add your keywords.

4. ON-PAGE Seo

ON-PAGE SeoTo make our ON-PAGE strong we will add some longtail keywords to the content and bold/italic/underline some keywords as per our preference. You can even add a plugin named “Table of content plus” if you are running your blog of WordPress to add a TOC in your post it helps boost your rankings. We installed a plugin named “Widget Context” and placed some keywords and in the settings column, we made it just to show on our post ONLY. (Will share a detailed guide on that too!)

You will have to add posts related to your niche on your blog for interlinking and boosting your blog’s presence. You can add some posts on a similar topic. Ex, if you are working on a “rowing machine” you can add a new post on “What are the benefits of working out on a rowing machine?”

5. OFF-Page SEO

OFF-Page SEOOFF-Page SEO is a tricky part as we do not want to spam our site everywhere. There are various ways to optimize your page offline. The common techniques are Link building, blogger outreach, infographic submission, PDF submission, Directory Submission and Social Sharing.

For starters, we will start with a small link building campaign that is using CommentLuv footprint. You can search this particular term “your keywords”  “CommentLuv” and start with your link building. Remember we do not want to spam our website so move along slowly.

Secondly, we will start outreaching bloggers in your similar niche and asking for them to feature your website on their platform.

Continuing, we will proceed with infographic submission as well as PDF submission. We will create an infographic about the product you are working on and share it on websites. Let’s do the same for PDF submission.

Directory submission is the easiest way to build links as you have to find directory submission sites and your site in the relevant directory.

Once, you are done with everything you can throw some social signals to your blog.

6. Conversion Optimization

Remember your intro is how your blog post is judged. You will have to write a user-friendly as well as SEO focused intro on the start of your blog. This is how your users stay on your blog and continue with the blog post. Then you can add a best buy/budget-friendly product as there are some users who just want to make sure about the product they are buying also it’s a good way to basically redirect your users to and drop your cookies.